4-lang-noteguide - this question What stimuli were used in this experiment What were the results of the experiment How do the results answer the

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Note-taking guide for INDV101 Language, Spring 2009, Wed., 1/28 Announcements about the upcoming test. What is the relationship between "language" and "communication"? Are they innate for humans, and for animals, and what does that mean? What makes a system code different from (human) language? What are five aspects of the difference? What is true of language and what is true of a system code for each aspect? What does the following example tell us? --“I made a brussel sprout milkshake yesterday.” --“Did you giggle yourself into the hiccups already?” What is complex about animal communication? What can each of the following species communicate? What are the limitations on what they can communicate? (Some species are mentioned in the readings and won't be discussed in class.) Honeybees Prairie Dogs Primates that are taught language Diana monkeys Do Diana monkeys understand that “leopard alarm call” means “leopard,” or do they just learn how to react to the specific sound? What hypothesis and experiment were constructed to answer
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Unformatted text preview: this question? What stimuli were used in this experiment? What were the results of the experiment? How do the results answer the question? What is the relationship between Diana monkeys, leopards, chimps, and eagles? How does this affect what experiments researchers can do to answer questions about Diana monkeys' communication system? Can Diana monkeys understand chimp alarm calls? What did researchers play to chimps to answer this question? What was the conclusion of this study? Why is this question interesting, and different from the first Diana monkey experiment we discussed? Do non-human primates (like monkeys) change their vocalizations after they mature? What can the experiment on Campbell’s monkeys tell us about the perception of monkey calls? Main points about language vs. system code, and about animal communication: Terms System code Language Innate Productivity Displacement Priming...
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