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Page 1 of 3 C AREER P ROJECT I NSTRUCTIONS F ALL 2008 S ECTIONS 11 AND 12 The same design process you used to design a solar oven to bake a cookie works just as well for designing a career plan . You set your objectives. You generate ideas and brainstorm ways to reach your objectives. You analyze your options (with the help of a mentor) and make decisions. You take action and evaluate the results of those actions. You iterate as needed. This is an individual project Use a binder into which it is easy to insert pages so that you can add newer versions of documents within your plan Prepare this project in eight sections Separate the sections with tabs or dividers with the titles of each section All of your figures and tables need to be supported with explanatory text. Document all tasks e.g., for the instruction “W rite a job search letter document who you send it to, how and why. Include all meeting notes and other source materials in an appendix at the back of the notebook. These are the required sections: Section Title Description 1 Needs Establish your Purpose, Objectives and Goals 2 Courses Plan your four years of courses 3 Activities Find some activities to support your goals 4 Employment Define your ideal job and start preparing to look for it 5 Assessment Find out how well you match your assumptions
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