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Solar Oven Spreadsheet Construction Guidelines 1 of 4 Overview Formatting of Excel spreadsheets can make them much easier to understand. The following conventions are used in this tutorial Æ you are encouraged to do the same. o Green cells are the main decisions you have to make as a designer. For some, you need to look up values in the book – others you just set to whatever value you want. o Red cells are values you don’t have any control over. o Yellow cells are calculated from the green and red values. o Blue cells contain your main output – T io calc. o Orange cells show constraints. Steps 1. The last page of this file shows a sample screenshot of what the final spreadsheet should look like. Enter the information shown in the topmost “Design Variables” table as shown. Once the spreadsheet is fully built, you will change values in this table to see how different solar oven designs perform. 2. Similarly, enter in the “Outside of your control” and “Design variable look up” tables exactly as shown on the sample screenshot. a. You might want to change T amb if you think the outside temperature on the day you will use the oven will be significantly different than 21 º C. You would only want to change the solar power density if you know that the solar power density for your location is different than 1000 W/m 2 . b. The four “design variable look up” values will change if you change parts of your design. i. For different types and thicknesses of insulation, U sb should be changed (see yellow book). ii. If you use a color for your oven chamber other than black, absorptivity should be changed. iii. If you use a window other than transparency sheets, then transmissivity should be changed. iv.
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SolarSpread - Solar Oven Spreadsheet Construction...

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