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INDV 102 Modern Latin America: A Social Science Perspective 09/08/2008 Early Societies and Environmental Adaptation Key Terms: Cultural Ecology : “the study of the adaptive processes by which the nature of society and an unpredictable number of features of culture are affected by the basic adjustment through which man utilizes a given environment” (Julian Steward 1955). Subsistence Strategies: The patterns of production, distribution, and consumption that members of a society employ to ensure the satisfaction of the basic material survival needs of human beings. Culture areas: A culture area is first of all a geographical region; it has characteristic climate, land forms, and biological population—that is, fauna and flora. Humans who live in the region must adapt to its characteristics to obtain the necessities of life. Each culture area, then, has certain natural resources as well as the potential for
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Unformatted text preview: certain technologies. Key questions What are the different culture areas found in Latin America? Name some of the natural constraints and the adaptations to deal with the natural environment of early inhabitants of the following culture areas. Differentiate between the adaptations of complex societies (Maya, Aztecs, and Inca) and less complex societies of nomadic hunters and gatherers. Southwestern culture area Mesoamerican culture area o Maya civilization o Aztec civilization Northern South America and the Caribbean o Inca/Tahuantinsuyu The tropical forest Southernmost South America What are some of the explanations of the Maya collapse? What are chinampas and who developed and used the chinampas? What are terraces and why are they important adaptation strategies in the Andean region?...
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