6 The Amazon Basin outline

6 The Amazon Basin outline - INDV 102 Modern Latin America:...

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INDV 102 Modern Latin America: A Social Science Perspective 09/17/2008 The Amazon Basin and Plan Colombia Key Terms Political Ecology: Environmental change and ecological conditions are the product of a combination of physical factors, socio-economic conditions, and political processes at different levels from the local to the global –Costs and benefits associated with environmental change tend to be unequally distributed among actors – This reinforces or reduces existing social and economic inequalities –Which holds political implications in terms of the altered power of actors in relation to other actors The Amazon Basin World’s largest river basin draining 1/3 of the continent of South America (1.2 billion acres). Area of about 2.3 million sq mi, covers parts of Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, and the Guianas. Contains more species of flora and fauna than any other ecosystem in the world. Trees constitute about 70 percent of the plant species found in rain forests. The Amazon River and its tributaries carry 20 percent of the world's fresh water and provides water, sediment, and fish that support the agriculture and diets of the peoples of the basin and serves as a transport network. Ancestral economy of hunters, fishers and gatherers based on extractive processes. Population relatively sparse, clustered along riverbanks (i.e., Yanomami, Cayapo, Embera, Cofan, etc.). Colonial image
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6 The Amazon Basin outline - INDV 102 Modern Latin America:...

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