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Safety, Health Potential Quiz Questions

Safety, Health Potential Quiz Questions - The organization...

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Safety & Health Potential Quiz Questions 1. Job stress and its negative impact on both employees & the organization are a growing concern for managers & supervisors. Stress management is an important aspect of any manager’s job. A. Identify the sources of stress in the organization that you currently work for or that you worked at during your last internship. B. In what ways do they (the sources of stress you identified above) affect the individual employee?
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Unformatted text preview: The organization? C. What can managers and supervisors do to make the workplace less stressful? 2A.Why was it a good idea for UPS to put its employees in charge of their own safety? 2B.Should all companies make employees responsible for their own safety? What drawbacks do you see to such a plan? 2C.Do you think UPS could empower its employees to improve their performance in other areas of the business? What might those areas be?...
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