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Incentives Quiz Questions

Incentives Quiz Questions - Incentive Rewards Potential...

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Incentive Rewards Potential Quiz Questions 1. Describe what you believe would be an effective incentive plan for the accounts receivable department at Hotel Y; be sure to provide support for your proposed incentive plan. Hotel Y should consider introducing both individual and group incentive plans. An individual incentive plan could consist of bonuses, and a group incentive plan could consist of a gainsharing plan. Hotel Y should reward its employees for individual performance, to avoid the free-rider problem. Individual incentives such as bonuses are a good precaution to encourage potential slackers within the group to work harder. This incentive plan also reflects the pay equity theory—an employee’s perception that compensation received is equal to the value of the work performed. The expectancy theory also states that one’s level of motivation depends on the attractiveness of the rewards sought and the probability of obtaining those rewards.
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