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Employee Rights - Employee Rights Potential Quiz Questions...

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Employee Rights Potential Quiz Questions 1. A. Can an employee be discharged for off-duty (legal) conduct? Explain Yes, employers do have the right to discipline employees for off-duty misconduct provided the misconduct has some relationship to the successful operation of the organization. When an organization’s public image is affected by the employee’s behavior, the employee might be discharged. In addition, the employment-at-will principle gives an employer the right to fire an employee w/o giving a reason; likewise the employee can quit whenever he/she chooses. B. When do you think it is reasonable for an employer to want to discharge an employee for (legal) off-duty conduct? Explain. When an organization’s public image or its profitability is affected, it might be reasonable for the employer to want to discharge the employee for legal off-duty conduct. Also, an employee might be discharged when he/she violates the conditions of an organization’s contract. Workplace romances also create a dilemma for the
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