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The_Challenge_of_HRM_Study_Note - Human Resource Management...

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Human Resource Management Human Resource Management H ADM 2211 H ADM 2211 Fall 2008 Fall 2008 565 Statler Hall 565 Statler Hall Instructor Instructor Sean A. Way, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Human Resource Management Office 541B Statler Hall Office Telephone 607.255.9017 Personal Mobile 607.220.4505 E-mail [email protected] Office Hours THE CHALLENGE OF HRM STUDY NOTE STUDY NOTE Why Study HRM? Staffing the organization, designing jobs and teams, developing skillful employees, identifying approaches for improving their performance, and rewarding employee successes —all typically labeled HRM issues—are as relevant to line managers as they are to managers in the HR department Line managers administer many HR activities – e.g., selection, performance appraisal, training, employee, etc. Human resources: A source of competitive advantage? o Human resources (people) are the firm’s primary resource to be strategically leveraged for competitive advantage, whereas, a firm’s HRM activities is the means through which human resources can be deployed to gain competitive advantage and enhance the capacity of the firm as a whole to achieve its strategic goals and objectives o Sustainable competitive advantage through people is achieved if these human resources Have value Are rare and unavailable to competitors Are difficult to imitate Are organized for synergy People: An organization’s most valuable asset? Competitive Challenges The most pressing competitive issues facing firms: . Globalization . Embracing new technology . Managing talent, or human capital . Responding to the market
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. Managing change . Containing costs 1. Globalization. In order to grow and prosper, many companies are seeking business opportunities in global markets. Although there may be opportunities afforded by international business, there are also difficulties in managing a global workforce. For example, the challenges of different geographies, cultures, laws, & business practices. HR issues include: o Staffing. o Training. o Compensation. Adjusting compensation plans for overseas work 2. Embracing new technology. The introduction of advanced technology has created a shift from touch labor to knowledge workers, impacting the way in which workers are managed. For example, knowledge workers prefer to “just-in-time” learning via the internet or company intranets over traditional training o Knowledge Workers. Workers whose responsibilities extend beyond the physical execution of work to include planning, decision making, and problem solving 3. Managing human capital. Organizational success is increasingly recognized as resting upon a firm’s ability to manage human capital. HR practices are the fundamental tools by which organizations build,
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The_Challenge_of_HRM_Study_Note - Human Resource Management...

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