CHAPTER 9 potential quiz - Training HR potential quiz...

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Training HR potential quiz questions—Chapter 9 1. Is it necessary to examine all four levels of training outcomes to assess the effectiveness of all training programs? Why or why not? It is necessary to have all four levels of training objectives because each objective addresses a different part of the overall training goal. One objective is to create a learning environment that facilitates learning and that’s the focus of the trainee reaction objectives. Learning is an obvious objective of training, but it is not enough to just learn; the learning must be transferred to the trainee’s job if organizational outcomes are to be affected. Since training is done to achieve organizational objectives, these should be included as a component of the training objectives. 2. What analyses should be made to determine the training needs of an organization? After the needs are determined, what is the next step? Three sources can be used to analyze training needs: 1. Organizational analyses : is a global analysis and consists of environmental trends, organizational goals, and current resources—technological, financial, and human. 2. Job/task analyses : is the middle-level assessment phase of training needs. During this phase the trainer will identify the tasks needed to perform the job and the training needed to do the tasks successfully. Task analysis is based on job analysis and job descriptions. 3. Individual/person analyses:
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CHAPTER 9 potential quiz - Training HR potential quiz...

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