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CHAPTER 3 potential quiz questions

CHAPTER 3 potential quiz questions - CHAPTER 3 potential...

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CHAPTER 3 potential quiz & discussion questions 1. After receiving several complaints of sexual harassment, the HR department of a city library decided to establish a sexual harassment policy. What should be included in the policy? 1. A comprehensive organization-wide policy on sexual harassment should be presented to all current and new employees. 2. Hold training sessions with supervisors explaining Title VII requirements, their role in providing an environment free of sexual harassment, and proper investigative procedures when charges occur. 3. Establish a formal complaint procedure in which employees can discuss problems w/o fear of retaliation. The complaint procedure should spell out how charges will be investigated & resolved. 4. Act immediately when employees complain of sexual harassment. 5. When an investigation supports employee charges, discipline the offender at once. For serious offenses, discipline should include penalties up to and including discharge. Discipline should be applied consistently across similar cases and among managers and hourly employees alike. 6. Follow up on all cases to ensure a satisfactory 2. Many sexual harassment incidents go unreported. Fully discuss why this can occur & what might be done to reduce this problem.
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