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Unformatted text preview: Holly Hickman 3/26/2008 Questions Art H istorians Ask: 1) Date? 2) Artist? (patron) Who bought it? 3) Style? 4) Subject Matter? 5) Significance? CHAPTER 1 The Earliest Sculpted Forms-describe the roles of animals & human figures in Paleolithic art-examine the nature and reasons for the earliest sculpted forms, the majority of which are stylized depictions of women Paleolithic (Old Stone) Period -Lower Paleolithic (c. 1,500,000 years ago)-Middle Paleolithic (c. 100,000/200,000 years ago)-Upper Paleolithic (c. 45,000/50,000 years ago) Mesolithic (Middle Stone) Period c.8000-6000/4000 BC Neolithic (New Stone) Period- c.6000/4000-2000 BC Carving Examples Ex. 1 - Venus of Willendorf: From Austria, a. 25,000 bce sculpture in the round (free-standing sculpture, subtractive process); organic, exaggerated form; Venus red pigment, possible function (perhaps sacrificial blood or childbirth)?; emphasizes fertility Ex. 2 Venus of Laussel Woman holding a bison horn; in relief one of earliest relief sculptures; stood in the open air in front of a rock shelteropen-air art from the Old Stone Age; horn may have ceremonial meaning; emphasizes breasts, belly, hips Ex. 3 Two Bison in profile, among the largest Paleolithic sculpture in free standing rock incised carving; from cave @ Le Tuc dAudoubert in France in clay ***CAVE PAINT ING*** Examining Materials and Techniques...
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Unit1_notes - Holly Hickman 3/26/2008 Questions Art H...

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