Unit3_notes - 4/7/08 *Chapter 3 The Art of Ancient...

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Unformatted text preview: 4/7/08 *Chapter 3 The Art of Ancient Egypt*-divided into Lower Egypt and Upper Egypt; life thrived on the banks of the Nile; Nubia south of Egypt = todays Sudan;-Chronology of Egyptian Kings; Predynastic 5450-3100 B.C.E.; Early Dynastic, Old Kingdom, First Intermediate, Middle Kingdom, Second Inter., New Kingdom, Third Intermediate, Late Dynastic, Ptolemaic *Popular Egyptian Gods - Amon Great god of Thebes, identified with Ra as Amon-Ra (spring god of Egypt)- Ra (Re) Falcon-headed sun god; supreme judge - Osiris God of the underworld; dead king; most frequently shown in Book of the Dead- Isis Divine mother, wife of Osiris- Horus Falcon god; living king; son of Osiris-Hathor Protector of royal palace; Goddess of domestic fertility; cow or cow-headed women- Seth God of storms and violence; brother of Osiris murdered Osiris- Anubis Jackal-headed god; patron god of the embalmers; also portrayed in the Book of the Dead ****OLD KINGDOM PERIOD**** * Palette of King Narmer* important document; set formula for figure representation (one of the earliest examples of Egyptian figures frontal torso; also labeled work of art); shows unification of Upper & Lower Egypt King Narmer is first Pharaoh; Used to mix make-up for ceremonies specifically for the Pharaoh; slate about 2 feet tall, Predynastic ca. 3000-2920 B.C.E. * Mastabas Stepped Pyramid by Imhotep; single burial; 2630-2611 BCE; predecessor of geometric pyramid * Imhotep earliest known architect of Western art on record, created stepped pyramid design-- columns exists at entrance corridor to the mortuary precinct of Djoser, Sappara, Egypt-- Engaged columns papyrus blossom shape @ top; at Faade of the North Palace of the mortuary precinct ca.2630-2611 B.C.E....
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Unit3_notes - 4/7/08 *Chapter 3 The Art of Ancient...

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