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Health Test 1 Terms - attitude antecedents anxiety...

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attitude antecedents anxiety disorders asthma autonomic nervous system alarm phase adrenocortropic hormone (ACTH) biofeedback brain stem behavior change techniques belief basic types of emotions bipolar disorder cultural competency certified health education specialists confirming cognitive therapy confidence circadian rhythms chronic mood disorder central nervous system cortisol dimensions of health determinants of good health depression dysthmic distress electrocardiomyopathy enabling electroconvulsive therapy eustress external locus of control exposure emotions ephedrine epinephrine endurance phase exhaustion phase factors to analyze behavior faith gender differences general adaptation syndrome Health Belief model healthy life expectancy health definition-1900’s health belief model (HBM)
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healthy people 2010health disparities hope homestasis hypochondria hypothalamus imagined rehearsal internal locus of control intervention interpersonal therapy insomnia immunocompetence
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