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prob set 1 - Problem Set #1 Principles of Development...

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Unformatted text preview: Problem Set #1 Principles of Development Zoology 470 Spring 2009 20 Points Total Problem Set Guidelines 1. Due date: This problem set is due by 5 pm on Friday, February 20, 2009 . It may be submitted either in class or to the mailbox of Jeff Hardin, in the Zoology Research Building. 2. Sources: You may use any sources at your disposal to answer the following questions. Legitimate sources include classmates, knowledgeable friends and colleagues, written documents, and any other scientific resources you find useful. If you work with other classmates on this problem set, we ask that you list the other students with whom you worked to answer these questions. Although you may discuss these questions as part of a group, you are expected to answer the questions as an individual. If you believe that published references will help you answer these questions, you may cite those references. However, citation of additional references is not required, nor is it expected. 3. Answering the questions: This problem set is designed to be answered concisely. Brief but complete answers should be written in the space provided . It is acceptable to type your answers, but you must provide a hard copy of the document you generate. Where you are asked for explanations, you must provide them to receive full credit. If you find it helpful, feel free to include diagrams in your answers. You need only turn in your answers on pages 2 & 3. Necessary information: All of the information and techniques needed to answer the questions on p. 2-3 have been presented in class, or are to be found in Gilbert's Developmental Biology . This problem set requires you to learn about mollusks, whose development is described in Chapter 8 of Gilbert, but other sections of Gilbert may be useful for some questions. We will not cover mollusks in class further. Problem Statement Suppose the disruption of mud flats in the Mississippi basin after Hurricane Katrina resulted in the discovery of a new species of mud snail. The adult snails look similar to the mud snail, Ilyanassa obsoleta , a small gastropod that lives in mud flats along the Atlantic coast. A cursory examination , a small gastropod that lives in mud flats along the Atlantic coast....
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prob set 1 - Problem Set #1 Principles of Development...

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