EC 2 - pedometer experience fewer symptoms of depression...

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EXTRA CREDIT 2 Due February 12, 2009, 5:00 p.m. (in folder outside my office, Room 1227 MSC) Please put Extra Credit on separate pages from the homework. 1. For the data in Exercise 2.20 on page 31, a. Determine the median, quartiles, and IQR. b. Construct a boxplot of the data. c. Is there a reason to consider a modified boxplot? Why or why not? d. Are any of the values in this distribution outliers? 2. Page 50, Problem 2.52 and 2.55. For 2.55, also estimate the median. Explain your reasoning for all 3 estimates. 3. On an exam with mean = 75, you obtain a scored of 80. (i) Would you prefer that the exam distribution had a standard deviation = 2 or = 10? Sketch each distribution and locate the position of your score on each one. (ii) If your score is 70, would you prefer the standard deviation = 2 or = 10? Again, sketch each distribution to demonstrate how the value of the standard deviation affects your position relative to the rest of the class. 4. A recent study found that adults who got regular physical exercise as measured by a
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Unformatted text preview: pedometer experience fewer symptoms of depression when toted 2 years later. Following are hypothetical data dimple to the results obtained in the study. (i) Calculate the mean and standard deviation for each group (show your work) and draw a density curve for each group (a line graph like the one of page 94 except corresponding to the scores for each group). Have one graph with two density curves on it. (ii) Based on the statistics and the graph, does there appear to be a difference between the two groups (i.e., an effect of exercise on depression). Very briefly explain your answer. DEPRESSION SCORES No Regular Exercis e 5 4 6 3 5 7 6 6 Laughlin, Stat 371, EC 1 page 2 - Page 69, Problem 2.78.- Page 83, Problem 3.3.- Page 88. Problem 3.11- Page 95, Problem 3.15. Set up the problems using probability notation and show as many mathematical steps as possible.- Page 102, Problem 3.22 and 3.33...
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EC 2 - pedometer experience fewer symptoms of depression...

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