Lecture 5S - Statistics 371-001, Spring 2009 Lecture # 5 03...

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Lecture # 5 03 Feb 09 WHICH MEASURE OF CENTRAL TENDENCY SHOULD YOU USE ??? Characteristics of the mean : Sensitive to all scores in the distribution (only measure of central tendency that is). Most efficient measure of central tendency - takes full advantage of all the information. Closely related to measures of variability – important for inferential statistics. Requires interval or ratio data. Characteristics of the median: Not sensitive to the exact location of every score in the distribution More resistant than the other measures of central tendency. Used as the measure of central tendency when the mean is inappropriate: Skewed distribution, extreme scores. Mean can’t be calculated. Mean can be calculated but isn’t a good representative score. Data must be at least ordinal. Data must be able to be ordered (ranked). Characteristics of the mode : The most common value ; most frequently occurring; typical. Used when the data cannot be ordered. In any frequency distribution, can have only ONE median or mean. Not true for mode. Bimodal is most common Easiest to get. Purpose of central tendency – to represent the entire distribution. Mean is usually the best – more on this later. CENTRAL TENDENCY AND THE SHAPE OF THE DISTRIBUTION
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Lecture 5S - Statistics 371-001, Spring 2009 Lecture # 5 03...

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