CULF2321 Submission Two Instructions

CULF2321 Submission Two Instructions - CULF 2321.13...

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CULF 2321.13 Instructor: Issen SPRING 2008 S UBMISSION  T WO  I NSTRUCTIONS   W HAT   DO  I  DO   IN  S UBMISSION  T WO ? Submission Two (requiring revisions of Submission One, plus 5-6 pages of new text) profiles some  specific stakeholders and issues related to your social problem, present and analyze their major  arguments, and identify the values that lead them to take these positions. You should devote about ½ to 1  page each to  four  major, representative (see below) stakeholders on the issue, and you should analyze  two major stakeholders on each side.  W HAT   ARE   THE   DUE   DATES The  Rough Draft  for Submission Two is due on Tuesday, March 11.  The  Final Draft  is due  Thursday March 27.  H OW   SHOULD   IT   BE   ORGANIZED Submission Two will continue smoothly from Submission One, and will have four sections (though you  may begin with either pro- or con-):  I. Pro- Stakeholders, Positions and Arguments  II. Con- Stakeholders, Positions and Arguments  III. Stakeholder Values  and Analysis IV. Analysis of Argumentation (in light of logic, evidence, and values held)
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This note was uploaded on 04/29/2008 for the course CULF 2321 taught by Professor Issen during the Spring '08 term at St. Edwards.

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CULF2321 Submission Two Instructions - CULF 2321.13...

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