notes exam 2 - Microbiology Notes Exam 2 I Chapter 2...

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Microbiology: Notes Exam 2 I. Chapter 2: A. Prokaryotic cells lack - Nuclei, mitochondria, chloroplasts - Incapable of ingestion - Circular chromosome 1. Extrachromosomal elements = plasmids A. Complex envelopes/ appendages 1. Cell membrane - Lipid bilayer - Boundary b/tw it and env. - Uptake of substances from media 1. Osmotic and solute barrier B. Protection of cell membrane 1. Gram positives - Thick cell wall that protects membrane from high internal turgor press. - Main constituent = murein – peptidoglycan polymer of sugars & acids 1. Shape and rigidity - Murein 1. Unique to bacteria 2. Antibiotic target 3. Glycan chains linked by sm. peptides 4. Allows bat to survive in media w/ osmotic pressures less than that of own cytoplasm 5. Thick barrier; several layers a. Hinders passage of hydrophobic compounds
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- cells surrounded w/ thick hydrophilic layer 1. teichoic acids – chains of sugar alcohol linked by phosphodiester bonds (adherence to host) 2. Gram negatives - Thin murein layer surrounded by outer membrane – resistant to harmful chem - LPS (lipopolysaccharide) – three components 1. Lipid A a. Embeds LPS in outer memb. Leaflet b. Causes fever/shock in vertebrates = endotoxin 2. Core a. Polysaccharide 3. O Antigen a. Long carb. chain bound to core
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notes exam 2 - Microbiology Notes Exam 2 I Chapter 2...

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