presentation guidelines 09 - d Relationship between your...

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How to Quiet the Vampire  by Borislav Peki Group Presentation Format 1) Your group will present the assigned book part by  creating a PowerPoint presentation of 20-30 slides. 2) You will divide the roles inside the group by having one  or two persons working on the outline, presenting in  class, creating summary of the material, researching the  philosophers referenced in the chapter, etc. 3) You will meet outside class once a week, starting with  the week of March 30 th  until the presentation, to  brainstorm and develop the presentation. 4) The presentation will include the following elements: a) Summary of the chapter; b) Outline of the philosophical work referenced in the  chapter; c) Relationship between the plot of your part of the book  and the philosophical work;
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Unformatted text preview: d) Relationship between your chapter and the rest of the book; e) The use of the vampire as a metaphor in your part of the book You can arrange these elements in any order you wish, but they should all be present. 5) You are allowed to use on-line resources for the philosophers work, except Wikipedia ; 6) You will begin presenting starting April 16, starting with the group doing Preface and Introduction and end on May 5, with the Appendices . You will follow the chronological order to determine when your group presents its material. 7) There will be five presentation per class, so your presentation should not be longer then 12 minutes, allowing time for setup. 8) You will be graded on organization, quality, time management and originality of the presentation....
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presentation guidelines 09 - d Relationship between your...

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