anthro fieldwork project

anthro fieldwork project - As I entered the store all I saw...

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As I entered the store all I saw was the tall skinny model posted on the back wall. The poster looked as if it has been stretched in order to make this already tall and skinny model look even taller and skinnier. Her legs are what caught your eyes, as they seemed to go on for miles while being surrounded by rows and rows of denim jeans. What stereotype was trying to be portrayed by this picture of the tall skinny model? In the next store, there were mannequins with the same tall and skinny frame overpopulating piles and piles of clothes. As I continued on my walk I also noticed many different people. I started to ask myself, “Why are they dressed the way they are?” I am asking myself all these questions because I am studying the self-image that is created by the American culture. I have observed many different shops and restaurants as well as buildings of importance. I have also conversed with all types of people asking them questions like: why is it important to exercise, eat healthy and get a sufficient amount of sleep? I want to know why people dress and act the way they do, and I want to understand what self-image really is and what influences it. I also want to study self-image in order to understand the ideas and concepts that can sometimes be misleading in today’s society.
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In order to develop a solid understanding of self-image, I had to do research. In my research I used several different methods of collecting data. I started out by interviewing people and the questions like “How long it takes to get ready in the morning?” These questions often spun off into conversations or other questions like “How often do you look in the mirror throughout the day?” Some of the more interesting questions helped me collect different kinds of data. The more people I talked to about their own self-image, the more I started to understand how their lifestyles, culture and society helped them project their own self-image. I interviewed a total of eight people, male and female and the responses were different each time and inspired new and interesting conversations. Another method I used was observation; I watched people at various locations in Madison and tried to understand what their self-image was and what they represented. I also observed the seating arrangements in restaurants and noticed buildings with symbols that seemed to represent different ideas and opinions. The more questions I asked myself and the more I observed, the more interested I became in the idea of self-image.
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anthro fieldwork project - As I entered the store all I saw...

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