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16:01 Sharon Hutchinson Cultural Anthropology Lecture Notes: Overarching Themes Social Organization: Differential Access to Wealth, Power and Prestige 1. Some social scientists have searched for inflexible laws that would explain differences of social organization. A. A. Environmental Determinism B. B. Population Pressure- intensify food production or reduce numbers (delaying marriage, birth control,) choices involved… cannot determine how many who which solutions. 2. However, human choice is always an important aspect of social organization. (This also raises the question of human responsibility) …example is china having one child policy and messes up gender balance of younger generation. The men in the neur they control cattle and can delay marriage depending on if the younger son should help with cattle or is he should marry another wife in order to help with cattle. When the choices involve a social group it has to do with social power. The ability to choose implies the ability to transform a given situation. POWER may be broadly understood as that “transformative capacity.” 3. The prototype of power for most Americans is naked physical force. But power also operates according to other principles—principles that are cultural creations and therefore may differ from society to society. In US power is physical like karate and in other cultures power is more about choices and some choices. 4. Societies can be classified by the degree of social hierarchy and social inequality that they
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30 - 2008-09-30 Sharon Hutchinson Cultural Anthropology...

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