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21 - antrho lecture 10/21 chapter 5 in textbook(where...

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antrho lecture 10/21 15:50 chapter 5 in textbook  (where humans fit in nature is what she wants you to understand from this  section)  Evolutionary History – Our place in Nature: Homo sapiens Kingdom: animalia Phylum: chordata (subphylum: vertebrata) o Class: mammalia (subclass: eutheria) Order: primates Family: hominidae Genius: homo Classification and evolutionary relationships Compare characteristics o Ancestral, primitive o Derived (modified) from ancestral condition Shared derviced ** 2 ways to share traits homologies (has to do with ancestry) o shared due to common ancestry
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analogies  o shared, but through independent evoution (homoplasY) o relationships between great apes and hominids orangutan-asain-pongids-hominoids gorilla-african-pongids-hominoids chimp-african-pongids-hominoids bonobo-chimp-african-pongids-hominoids human, hominoids-african-pongids-hominoids
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