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Nutri Sci Notes 9/4 9/14/08 3:52 PM 20:52 Anecdotal evidence: evidence taken from one person and applied to their life. Ex.  Headache sufferer and vitamin “x” cured it. New person decides to take vitamin  “x” for headache. Different causes or headaches Different reactions or experiences Placebo effect Allergy Toxicitiy Ingredients Coincidence Deficiency Scientific method Ask a question-from anecdotal evidence Formulate a hypothesis Test hypothesis- through experiment Conduct experiment Evaluate experiment Confirm or reject hypothesis If rejected, then reformulate hypothesis and start over. Experimental design Experimental group-treatment Control group- no treatment Groups otherwise identical! Intervention vs. observation Experimental design in nutrion Case study 
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Epidemiological studies-observation (what to do before experiment) Natural experiments conducted by a population on itself In a large enough population there is variation in exposure
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3 - Nutri Sci Notes 9/49/14/08 3:52 PM 2008-09-14 Anecdotal...

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