Lab 6 - Shannon MacAdams & Eric Kirchoff TA: Miaoyin...

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TA: Miaoyin (Kevin) Wang Physics 232—Section 232-006 Lab performed Feb. 24, 2009 Lab due Mar. 3, 2009 Optical Instruments Introduction: The purpose of this lab is to study a simple magnifier, simple telescope, and a compound microscope. By doing so, we will learn the difference between lateral magnification and apparent magnification and how to measure the two. Simple Magnifier: In this part of the experiment, a 6cm focal length lens was placed on one side of the optical bench and the 10 x 10 cm grid was placed 25 cm behind the lens. By moving the ruler back and forth, the unaided eye and the eye viewing from the lens tend to superimpose the resulting image. By finding the best position of the ruler that one can see a well focused magnified image of it but also see a well focused image of the grid with the unaided eye, the object distance can be recorded. The image distance then is 25 cm—the distance of distinct vision and the distance between the grid and eyepiece. Then, by choosing a specific length of the ruler and observing its magnified image and comparing it to the grid, the actual length of the scale can be determined and its apparent magnified length can be determined by comparing it to the grid. Linear magnification, as seen in the past couple of labs, is measured as the image distance over the
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object distance with a negative sign, so Ml=-i/o. Then the apparent magnification is Ma=Lm/La where Lm is the apparent, magnified, length and La is the actual length; both of which were measured previously. The theoretical magnification, obtained by Mt= 25/f +1, can be compared to the linear magnification (Ml) and the apparent magnification, Ma. The Simple Telescope:
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Lab 6 - Shannon MacAdams & Eric Kirchoff TA: Miaoyin...

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