Lab 7 Written Report - Shannon MacAdams & Eric Kirchoff...

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TA: Miaoyin (Kevin) Wang Physics 232—Section 232-006 Lab performed Feb. 17, 2009 Lab due Feb. 24, 2009 Lab Seven: Diffraction of Light Introduction : The purpose of this lab is to study the diffraction of light from a multi-slit transmission diffraction grating, to learn the relationship and theory for diffraction by a transmission grating, to use a helium-neon laser to measure and calibrate the line spacing of a diffraction grating, and to measure the wavelength of lines from a mercury light source. The type of grating in this lab is a transmission grating which is comprised of many slits or lines closely and evenly spaced so that the distance between them is approximately equal to the wavelength. Diffraction from this type of grating depends on the grating spacing, d, and the wavelength of that particular light source. The grating is characterized by the line spacing and measured by the inverse of the line density, which is given in the equation; . As light passes through the grating, it will be diffracted and the maximum for diffraction is given using the equation;
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Lab 7 Written Report - Shannon MacAdams & Eric Kirchoff...

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