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q3-ef152-2008-08-soln - EF 152 Exam#3 Fall 2008 Page 1 are...

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Unformatted text preview: EF 152 Exam #3, Fall, 2008 Page 1 are Name: {31. Q ug-T. 25-4 Section: l—D Guidelines: I Assume 3 significant figures for all given numbers unless olherwise slated ' Show all of your work - no work. no ored'll 0 Write your final answer in the box provided - Include unils for all answers a Inolude directions [or all veclors Harmonic Motion Uniform Circular Motion Wave Equation tu - angular frequency a. — aenlrinefil aweleraflon v - velooily A - amplitude v — speed A —- amplitude k _ stiffness a — radius of ourvalure k — wave number m — mass to — rolalional speed a: - angular frequency I5— phase angle r— period Jl — wavelength In — initial displacement f - frequency !- fiequency "a 4'1”“ "9|le é - angle z(.\'..') = Asinilrx — a») x(!)=Asin(wi+r5] v2 = a1 fluted-H:l casket} v0) = decode» + 6‘) = alwcosimr)—azmsin((or] air) =—A¢u’sin(wr+6} = —o,aizsin(ex}~a=m’c05{or) = —- (any curve} 11- mass per unil lengin E - modulus of elasticity p - mass density Transverse v = Longitudinal v = u - mass per unit length .I' — frequency Simple: Physics]: nu = Famirelfixi‘s Theorem r = i_ + Md’ EF 152 Exam #3. Fall, 2008 Pagede 1a Hols} Whidi oi the following decrease with time in damped han‘nonic molion? Circle all that apply. a. FrequencyI -Arnplitude o. Wavelength 6. Period 1|: {Apia} The length of a simple pendulum is doubled. How does lhe period of the pendulum change? a. Period is doUblad Period increases by 1.4 c. Period stays the same d. Period decreases by 0.? e. Period deoeeses by one-half. 1c (4pts) Consider a wave on a string moving to lhe right. A ”\/'\/B\/\/ i. Circle [316 direcllon of Ihe velocity of a parliole at Iha point labeled A? @il—~«—// ll. Circle the direclion of the velocity of a particle at line point labeled 6? [email protected]—'*—// 1d (4pm) The sixlh harmonic of an organ pipe is 1210 Hz. What is lire lhiid harmonic? £9 1 ll ._ pa 3 I‘. - ..l. i- -. l1_____lo H} 3 (not H! a -: EF 152 Exam #3, Fall. 2003 Pageaore 2. A bungee cord is hung from Ihe ceiling. A 1|] II: is alleched to Ihe and of the bungee cord. and It stretches 2.5 fL The 10 Eb weight ls pulled dam and released. What is Ihe :‘rerwenralI or Ihe resulting simple harrnnnic meiien? 41b C4- ; 1 i31._1T\/51 .; 315 B? “if”. _ w v 2.5% 3. A machine pan has a naiural anguiar frequency 01 1? radl'sec. The par! is given an initial displacement of 1.2 inches and m inifial velocity of -21 irufsec. Detennine the maximum displacement of the machine part. a“: V3 .-‘ -flii 24.133 m . u] h-Effliilr i591: _ — 32,-. 01 X9 '. " EF 152 Exam #3, Fall, 2008 Page-1 ale 4. A simple pendulum is nude by atlaehing e 4 kg mass is e slrlng‘ The period of the pendulum is measured in be 2 seconds. Damn-rune i118 length of me string. .——. MP .2 .1— 2““-1’NE 1 3 ' f: T?" fl 3,“ \1_,;i*/!=. 31:..2ii L'- iv. m J ' 5. A physical pendulum has a mass of 5 kg. The mass moment 01 inertia abwl the center of mass 0‘! the abjecl' is 0.12 kg-rn. and Ihe distance from the plvol in Ihe center of mass is o 5 n1. Delerrnine Ihe angular frequency of the physiwi pendulum w ' \J I -\ 1.3-1 kP-‘l'r. EF 152 Exam #3, Fall, 2008 Pagefinffi 5.1m ocean wave has a wave number of 0.05m" and a frequency oI'O.12H2. Determine the speed of this wave. is : ”/5 R7111. :‘ ill—— .._— [ZS :M K 0-OS/M a _ -—-— ’ — _ ': i5 691”/ \mur- mm 9W 5 1“!" 01,314; u: 0.031? or = Vanim .1 —(_,,' “2w 5: H A 1A transverse wave travels along a stretched string with a wave speed 0114 mite, A ribbon tied to the string oscillates up and down with a frequency af1.4 Hz. Determine Ihe wavelength of the wave. 'IDm 53.: “~IS__ [Row A r'" i"— * In'll/s EF 152 Exam #3. Fall, 2008 Penefiuffi 8. A 60 cm long guitar string hes a mass of 2.2 grams. Determine the required tension in the string in [allayI a note with a fundamental frequency N196 Hz. : ficatj Prensa remain seated if there are less than 5 minutes to go in the exam so as not to disturb those still trying to finish. i'fyou finish early you should go back and check your work. ...
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q3-ef152-2008-08-soln - EF 152 Exam#3 Fall 2008 Page 1 are...

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