COSC4342 Exam 2 Study Guide - Topics

COSC4342 Exam 2 Study Guide - Topics - works through the...

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Study Guide for Exam #2 COSC 4342 1. Be able to compute a First Set for any Non-Terminal or Grammar RHS 2. Be able to compute a Follow Set for any Non-Terminal in a grammar 3. Be able to create a predict set for a grammar. 4. Determine if a grammar is LL(1) 5. Create a grammar table -- LL(1) 6. Parse an input string using a grammar table -- LL(1) and a stack showing the parse as it
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Unformatted text preview: works through the input 7. Write a recursive descent parser for a small grammar 8. Show a leftmost and rightmost derivation for a sentence in a grammar 9. Be able to tell if a grammar is ambiguous 10. Remove left recursion and factor a grammar so that it is predictable....
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