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CULF 1318.07 FALL 2007 NORMAN Unit One Daily Schedule *This schedule is subject to change. Check email and pay attention in class for possible changes. Monday Wednesday 8.27 Introductions and course policies In-class exercise on gender Homework for next time: Read Appiah’s “Race” (Handout) Dorian Gray Preface and Ch. 1 Complete Homework 8.29 Homework Due Lecture & Discussion: Racialism, Caliban, Concepts of Race and Gender in the 19 th Century, The Irish as Racial Others Homework for next time: Read Dorian Gray Chs. 2-8 Complete Journal Assignment 9.3 Labor Day Holiday – No Class 9.5 Lecture & Discussion: Contexts for Dorian Gray Paper One Assignment Homework for next time: Read Jehlen’s “Gender” (Handout) Read Dorian Gray Chs. 9-12 Complete Homework (prep for discussion)
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Unformatted text preview: 9.10 Homework Due (prep for discussion) Discussion: Race and Gender in Dorian Gray In-class paper-related exercise Homework for next time : Read Dorian Gray Chs. 12-14 Complete topic proposal and post to Blackboard 9.12 Lecture & Discussion: Gender, Sex Science, and the Wilde Trials Homework for next time: Dorian Gray Chs. 15-17 And “ Dorian Gray on Trial” (376-384) Read Reviews (347-367) 9.17 Discussion Begin viewing Brian Gilbert’s Wilde (1997) Homework for next time: Finish Dorian Gray Chs. 15-17 9.19 Finish viewing Brian Gilbert’s Wilde (1997) Homework for next time: Complete Paper One 9.24 Paper One Due Lecture & Discussion: Wrap-up of unit one & Intro to unit two, From Green Carnations to Ruby Slippers...
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