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EF 152 – Physics for Engineers Spring, 2009 Recitation 1.1 Review of EF 151 1. The magnitude of the sum of j i ˆ ˆ + is: 2. The volume of an object is 62.9 m 3 . The volume of this object in cubic yards is most nearly: 3. The force P2 that is required to maintain equilibrium is: 4. The position of a tennis ball is described by s = 4 t 2 + 3, where t is in seconds and s is in meters. The velocity at t = 5.0 sec is: 5. A physics book is thrown straight up from the top of Morrill Hall. The coordinate system is positive downward. The correct sign for the velocity and acceleration just after release is: 6. A 4-lb rock is thrown upward with a velocity of 19.6 m/s from a 4.9-m deep hole. How high above the ground will the rock go? 7. Rebecca Bennett serves a volleyball with a speed of 36 ft/sec at an angle of 28° from the horizontal. What is the minimum speed of the ball as it sails over the net for an ace? 8.
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