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engcomp notes - your proof -Think about it as something...

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English Composition 3 Not a class you want to get behind in Effort is the most important. Directions are key Get a dictionary Paper 1 = historical issues Paper 2= rhetorical, propaganda pop culture stuff Paper 3= visual analysis of a film Thesis statement Subject/topic of paper Has support info of the argument Your viewpoint How.why.what Directs the essay Arguable Thesis: 2 parts Topic Position Location Intro prgh and conclusion (restated, however) Regarding writing the paper: Say it orally - tell/ask yourself: “what are you writing about? What’s your argument and where’s
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Unformatted text preview: your proof -Think about it as something from a law case clear and concise evidence that directly connects to the thesis. Intro Paragraph-Opening sentence-Reference to sources-THESIS-Main Points (a,b,c,d)-Transitional sentence *(a,b,c,d) will become your topic sentences in the body paragraphs Body Paragraphs Topic sentences: Make a list of things before hand that you want to discuss such as quotes ideas, then edit them, then insert into body paragraph after topic sentence Then make transitional sentences...
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engcomp notes - your proof -Think about it as something...

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