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Unformatted text preview: BI09B17 BI09B17 •Redox Reactions •NAD+, NADH, FAD, FADH, FADH2 •The Nernst equation •Electrical potential difference •Faraday’s constant •Relation between ΔG and ΔE Relation and •Using tables of half reactions •Standard reduction potentials •Studying Metabolism •Radiolabels •NMR •Metabolic Inhibitors •Mutagenesis •Studying Metabolism (continued) •Genomics •Trasncriptomics •Proteomics •Metabolomics •DNA Microarrays (chips) •ICAT •Glycolysis •Stage 1 •Glucose→G6P→F6P→FBP→GAP/DHAP →GAP •Enzymes •Structures •Energetics (ATP consumption, Energetics •Glycolysis •Stage 2 •GAP→1,3BPG→3PG→2PG→PEP→Pyruvate •Enzymes •Structures •Energetics (ATP production, NAD⁺ Energetics (ATP consumption) consumption) •Connection between 1,3-BPG and 2,3-BPG •Fermentation •Homolactic Fermentation •Overall Reaction •Energetics •Fermentation •Alcoholic Fermentation •Overall Reaction •Energetics •Compounds, Structures •Enzyme – Pyruvate Enzyme Decarboxylase Decarboxylase •Mechanism, cofactor (TPP) •Regeneration of NAD⁺ •Determination of flux control Determination mechanisms mechanisms •Regulation of Glycolysis •PFK •Allosteric controls ...
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