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COSC4351 Project 1 - • A list of 4 major areas of...

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COSC 4351 Major Project #1 Due Date: February 8, 2008 posted by 12:00pm. Create an on-line HCI portfolio linked from your student homepage. Your on-line portfolio should contain key ideas and concepts related to HCI. The following are some suggested ideas to include A list of user-centered characteristics of good design practices (6-10 items) A list of at least 10 items NOT to have on a web site or program interface A list of 6-10 websites with their links that demonstrate BAD DESIGN that are NOT found on Vincent Flander's site - find new ones. A list of 6-10 websites/ that demonstrate good HCI practices, these can be commercial or non-commerical sites, make sure you have correct links to these on your page. (Be sure to replace the ampersand character in any query strings.)
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Unformatted text preview: • A list of 4 major areas of research in HCI - and a description of those areas with a link to at least 1 article related to the area. • A link to at least 4 interesting articles on HCI, with a brief description of each article's content written by you. You might check at the SIGCHI site Special Interest Group Computer-Human Interaction or at Jakob Nielsen's site for articles and research areas. Your HCI web portfolio must be w3c compliant under XHTML 1.0 Strict. Your web site must have good organization, consistent navigation, proper color scheme, and required content. You may include links to other pages that are relevant to your content. Your project must have a 2 column layout or a navigation heading with a single column layout....
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