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COSC2325 Final Exam Topics

COSC2325 Final Exam Topics - Be able to determine the order...

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Final Exam topics/study guide You should be able to do the following: Create a Java class or classes to solve a programming problem Give an implementation for a templated Queue class Read and USE a class by reading the class declarations. Answer simple questions about the 8 queens problem Write a simple section of code that does some tasks with a Gui Be able to describe the major features of the data structures we have studied (ie differences between them how they work and their advantages, disadvantages, order of magnitude for operations) o Ordered List with array or vector o Ordered List with linked list o Stacks o Queues o Merge Sort o QuickSort
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Unformatted text preview: Be able to determine the order of magnitude of a given algorithm/method • Be able to trace a recursive function showing call sequence with a recursive descent tree. ie draw a recursive descent tree from a given call to a recursive function such as Factorial(n), Hanoi, Fibonacci or any function that has recursion • Know terms class, ADT, GB,KB,MB,implementation,interface,prototype, definition,declaration, postfix,infix,dynamic memory, static memory, recursion,encapsulation,stack,queue, exabye, yottabyte, terabyte object, variable, method, attribute, class, Thread, JTextField, Graphics, JFrame, JPanel, ActionListener, Runnable, extends, inherits...
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