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COSC 4342 Exam #3 Study topics Be able to do the following tasks: 1. Create an LR(1) State Transition Diagram for a grammar. 2. Create the LR(1) Parse Table from the Diagram. 3. Walk through a parse of an input string using your LR(1) Table, be able to show the stack, input, and action in each step of the parse. 4. Given a simpleJava program, draw an AST (Abstract Syntax Tree) for the entire program including classes, functions and their corresponding statements and expressions.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. In javacc format, write a parse routine that parses and creates the appropriate Abstract Syntax Tree Node for that routine. (ie if, while, do-while, for, assignment) (as done in assignment #6). 6. Walk thru a simpleJava program and build the type, variable and function environments for that program. 7. Review the tasks of a scanner, parser, semantic analyzer...
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