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Unformatted text preview: S1.Which of the following would appropriately be described as a transgenic organism? A. The sheep Dolly, which was produced by cloning. B. A sheep that produces human a-1-antitrypsin in its milk. C. The FlavrSavr strain of tomato. D. A hybrid strain of corn produced from crossing two inbred strains of corn. The inbred strains were not transgenic. Answer: A. No. Dolly was not produced using recombinant techniques. There were not pieces of DNA that were cut and combined in a new way. B. Yes. C. Yes. D. No. The hybrids simply contain chromosomal genes from two different parental strains. S2. Describe the strategy for producing human proteins in the milk of livestock. Answer: Milk proteins are encoded by genes with promoters and regulatory sequences that direct the expression of these genes within the cells of the mammary gland. To get other proteins expressed in the mammary gland, the strategy is to link the promoter and regulatory sequences from a milk-specific gene to the coding sequence of the gene that...
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