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HW04Key - structures – please do not use other...

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Bocknack CH 310M/318M Spring 2009 Graded Homework Problem #04 – Answer Key Deadline : 3:00 p.m., Thursday, 2/12/09 LATE WORK WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED OR GRADED!!! This problem is worth a total of 20 raw points. There are eight (8) constitutional isomers having molecular formula C 6 H 14 O that can also be classified as primary (1°) alcohols . Two of these isomers are drawn in the first two boxes shown below. Draw a line-angle structure for each of the remaining 6 primary alcohol isomers, one structure per empty box below. To receive full credit, you must draw line-angle
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Unformatted text preview: structures – please do not use other conventions that we have discussed. You will receive 3 points for each unique , correct primary alcohol line-angle structure that you draw. You will not receive any credit for structures that have the wrong molecular formula, that are not primary alcohols, or that are “repeats” of structures that you have already drawn. If you DO NOT draw any “repeat” structures, you will earn the remaining 2 points possible for this assignment. OH O H OH OH OH OH OH OH...
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