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1 Lecture 10 : The Strong Acid/Strong Base Equilibrium Calculation After an entire lecture on water with nothing added, you must be pumped to know that in this lecture something will actually be added to water—a strong acid or a strong base. By the end of lecture you will be able to calculate the pH of such a solution. But first, some review and overview and a few time outs for background: We were able to use the RICE expression to determine the pH for the autodissociation of water H 2 O h H + + OH - with [H + ] = K w 0.5 that yields a pH at room temperature of about 7 We are about to learn that a couple of equally simple equations will provide estimates of pH or pOH for two categories of compounds—and derivations for these equations will follow easily from the RICE equation as will be shown Strong acids or bases in water: [H + ] = C a for strong acids and [OH - ] = C b for strong bases Weak acids or bases in water: [H + ] = (K a C a ) 0.5 for weak acids and [OH - ] = C b for strong bases Time out 1. Memorizing the strong acids and bases. Like it or not, sometimes it is just easier to commit really important stuff to memory. Like the seven strong acids and the strong bases. Knowing these makes so many things better, like being able to know what stuff is a strong or weak acid or base, or being able to identify spectator ions. So like or not, learn the following at once or prepare to fail the course: 1. Strong acids : HCl, HBr, HI, HClO 4 , HClO 3 , H2SO 4 and HNO 3 all dissociate completely 2. Strong bases : OH - of alkali and earth metals LiOH, NaOH, CsOH, KOH, Ba(OH) 2 , Ca(OH) 2 all dissociate completely
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2 Timeout 2. Electrolytes in solution Notice that we paid a great deal of attention to the concentration of two charged ions, H
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ln10s09 - 1 Lecture 10: The Strong Acid/Strong Base...

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