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Unformatted text preview: T he Wa ter I ni ti a ti ve™ Communications Plan Prepared by McGovern Capital, LLC “Catch the Current ®” T he Wa ter I ni ti a ti ve Wa • The Water Initiative™ will AGGREGATE complementary technologies and go­to­market with core products to address urgent water­related health issues as well as FACILITATE collaborative efforts to resolve the world’s long­term, potable water crisis. The Water Initiative (TWI) serves an extraordinary humanitarian purpose through its proprietary process, which will identify, evaluate, acquire, and license the world’s ‘best in class’, economically attractive solutions. TWI will launch a non­traditional communications platform, targeting key stakeholders with compelling ‘Infor­tainment’ media, which launches a global series of TWI showcase events and cause related marketing efforts. Confidential and Proprietary Information 2 • • Communications Plan Over view • TWI World Premier Documentary Film • TWI Showcase Events and Workshops • TWI Buzz Generating Communications • TWI Cause Related Marketing Programs • TWI “Media is the Message” – Marshall McLuhan Confidential and Proprietary Information 3 T WI ‘Wor ld Pr emier ’ D ocumentar y “If a picture is worth a thousand words”, then the most powerful way to illustrate the ‘World Water Crisis’ is by telling our story visually. • • TWI and selected entertainment industry professionals will review the top documentary films submitted to the recent 2006 World Water Forum. One film will be selected for The Quincy Jones Water Initiative Award. Working collaboratively with the recipient of The Quincy Jones Water Initiative Award… Quincy Jones will create and produce an original score for the documentary film. The original score will be re­mastered and distributed on a DVD and CD as a PR, promotional, and fundraising tool with proceeds benefiting the world water crisis. • The ‘World Premier’ of The 2007 Quincy Jones Water Initiative Award © winning documentary film with original score by Quincy Jones will be held in a major media center (LA or NYC) in early Fall, 2007. Confidential and Proprietary Information 4 T WI ‘Show case’ Events The ‘World Premier’ of The Quincy Jones Water Initiative Award winning film with original score by Quincy Jones will create momentum for The Water Initiative by… ­ Increasing public and stakeholder awareness of the ‘world water crisis’ when the film premiers in a major media center (Los Angeles or New York) in early Fall, 2007, and ­ Recognizing the world’s ‘water stakeholders’ and directing a spotlight on the multiple disciplines represented and key influential members of public and private enterprise, foundations, governments, academia, NGOs, and the entertainment industry… who share a ‘common cause’. ­ Generating media, public relations, and target stakeholder support for the launch of the first ‘TWI: World Water Workshop’ planned for Brazil in late Fall, 2007 plus ­ Stimulating film makers and music producers around the world to prepare and submit documentary entries for the 2008 Quincy Jones Water Initiative Award. Confidential and Proprietary Information 5 T WI ‘Show case’ Events • TWI is working with The Meridian Institute (creator of the International Workshop on Nanotechnology, Water, and Development) to develop and sponsor three ‘World Water Workshops’ between now and the Opening of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in China. TWI’s first event will be held in Brazil or Mexico (Fall, 2007) with a second workshop to follow in South Africa (Early Spring, 2008) and a third in China (June, 2008) leading into the 2008 Summer Olympics. A strategically researched, targeted guest list of key ‘water stakeholders’ and influential leaders from public and private enterprise, foundations, NGOs, governments, academia and the entertainment industry will be established and tailored for each specific TWI event. Confidential and Proprietary Information 6 • • T WI ‘Buzz Gener ating’ Communications C ommunications • TWI communications will ‘not be business as usual’; our efforts must create a ‘buzz’. • ‘Private Screenings’ of The Quincy Jones Water Initiative Award winning documentary film with original score by Quincy Jones will be hosted by TWI ‘celebrity champions’ in 25 major cities around the world (September ­ November, 2007). • Viral Media Campaigns will become our primary public awareness communication tool. ­ For example, TWI will upload short videos on the water crisis to video sites such as YouTube, Google and Yahoo… using films from submissions at The World Water Forum (Mexico, 2006) Confidential and Proprietary Information 7 T WI ‘Buzz Gener ating’ Communications C ommunications • The Water Initiative Web Site ... will provide key stakeholders with ­ An Interactive website with current information on upcoming TWI events and communications, ­ Updates on ‘The World Water Crisis’, ­ Information on recently released water solution products & technologies now available in the marketplace, and ­ TWI disaster relief efforts with expert commentary. Confidential and Proprietary Information 8 T WI ‘Buzz Gener ating’ Communications C ommunications • Newsletter targeting key stakeholders and all attendees (or future attendees) for all three TWI ‘World Water Workshops’… – Blogs will be created & monitored by ‘The Meridian Institute’ to encourage ‘stakeholder to stakeholder’ dialogue. • Public Relations firm(s) will be asked to provide pro bono support for various aspects of TWI’s work. For example… ­ ‘Real time’ interviews and literary commentary on all major disaster relief situations around the globe, discussing water availability problems and TWI’s point­ of view on the best available solutions. ­ A press release will be issued when every major donor invests in The Water Initiative ™ ­ Media coverage of TWI events and initiatives. Local news and Newspapers. Film crew to cover our Workshops for Video News Release or ‘B roll’ release • TWI Advocacy opportunities… ‘carpe diem’! Confidential and Proprietary Information 9 T WI ‘Cause Related’ M ar k eting Convince a national cable television network like The National Geographic Channel, The Discovery Channel, or Disney to promote and feature in prime time… ‘The World Premier’ of The Quincy Jones Water Initiative Award winning film with original score by Quincy Jones in late Fall, 2007 (ex. Thanksgiving Day)… ­ to increase public and key stakeholder awareness of the ‘World Water Crisis’ and suggest what YOU can do to help, and ­ to initiate media interest and public relations support for the Quincy Jones’ inspired CD with a personal message from Quincy plus an enclosed booklet on ‘The World Water Crisis’ from TWI. Confidential and Proprietary Information 10 T WI ‘Cause Related’ M ar k eting • Media and Retail Merchandising of Quincy Jones Water Initiative Award CD • Attendees at all ‘TWI: World Water Workshops’ planned for Brazil/Mexico, South Africa, and China in 2007­2008 will receive a promotional DVD and CD in the form of a TWI Media/PR kit to be given by attendees to their local TV and Radio stations in their home countries/key cities after each workshop. Confidential and Proprietary Information 11 Conclusion • The steadily increasing, ‘world water crisis’ makes a compelling case for a multi­disciplinary, breakthrough approach led by a team of professionals… “dedicated to the mission of delivering affordable and safe, potable drinking water for every human being on earth.” • The Water Initiative © is that team, and we sincerely appreciate and respectfully recognize Quincy Jones as part of our team. We thank you; the world will thank you! • Confidential and Proprietary Information 12 ...
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