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COSC1313 Final Exam Review Notes

COSC1313 Final Exam Review Notes - Numbers integers...

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COSC 1313 Review topics Note: Not exhaustive, just outline Algorithm: what is it, what is criteria for a valid algorithm, What is computer science Project Document Purpose Ways to write algorithms Components of an Information Ssytem. Components of a computer Stored program concept Purpose and responsibilities of each component Von Neumann bottleneck Networks Identify types, identify an example Servers, topology, Node, point of failure, drawing Thin client, thick client, types of servers Components of Web Server, browser, html, web page, Internet, WWW Web Servers, email servers, ISP FTP, SFTP Storage of data, sound, pictures - based on storing bits Example, simple computation (how many bytes for a pixel or 10000 pixels) Binary Decimal Bit, byte, KB, MB, GB, TB Names and values Representing
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Unformatted text preview: Numbers, integers, floating point, truncate, round Text ASCII Unicode Images Pixel RGB (8bit, 16 bit) Proof by exhaustion Deadly Embrace Pick-a-victim general resource contention Encryption Types (symmetric, asymmetric), example using simple Caesar Cipher Cipher index General: Plaintext Ciphertext Encrypt/decrypt given a cipher index and your ASCII table. Java Primitive data types, examples Source code, compiler, bytecode java code from project document and vice versa Database Vocabulary, design with ER diagram Hardware Software Open Source Proprietary SDLC - describe, identfy and describe phases Web pages - how are they created / what language used, default startup page for all applications Web servers, file servers, email servers...
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COSC1313 Final Exam Review Notes - Numbers integers...

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