Instructions for Paper 1 (Expanded)

Instructions for Paper 1 (Expanded) - Paper 1: What does...

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Paper 1: What does the Gospel say about Jesus? Each of the four Gospels provides a slightly different picture of Jesus. The differences in these pictures usually depend on what is or isn’t emphasized in each Gospel. The objective of this essay is to pinpoint the exact claims that one of the Gospels (Matthew or Luke) makes about Jesus. In the course lectures, we will be carefully looking at the Gospel of Mark and the Gospel of John. Therefore, this exercise will require you to do your own research on one of the other two Gospels (Matthew or Luke) in order to determine what the Gospel that you have chosen claims about Jesus. Specifically, you should be looking for: Jesus’ Personal Background? What relationship he has with God? How he relates to other human beings? What he does or means for humanity? What the most important parts of his preaching are? Make sure that you cite the Gospel that you are using (including chapter and verse – ex. Matthew 5:2) to support each claim that you say the Gospel makes about Jesus
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Instructions for Paper 1 (Expanded) - Paper 1: What does...

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