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Math 10B. Interactive Examples. Text: Chapter 6 In working these interactive examples, write out as complete and accurate a response to each step as you can before you read the response given on the web site. Your goal should be to Fgure out the reasoning behind the solutions, rather than just to learn the solutions. Please e-mail me if you have any questions or suggestions. Al Shenk ([email protected]) Text: Section 6.2 Web: Section 6.6 Example 1 Evaluate the integral i 6 1 1 x dx . Example 2 ±ind the antiderivative i (2 x + 5 e x ) dx . Example 3 Evaluate i 1 0 (3 cos x - 4 sin x ) dx . Example 4 Water is ²owing into a tank at the rate of r = 100 /t gallons per hour for t 1 (hours) and there are 500 gallons of water in the tank at t = 1. How much water is in the tank
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Unformatted text preview: at t = 10? Web: Section 7.1 Example 1 ±ind the area of the region bounded by y = √ x-x 2 and the x-axis. Example 2 What is the area of the region bounded by y = x 2-1 and y = 1-x ? Text: Section 6.4 Web: Section 6.4 Example 1 ±ind the derivative d dx i x-1 t sin t dt . Text: Section 6.5 Web: Section 7.6 Example 2 A ball is thrown upward at t = 1 (seconds) from 100 feet above the ground with an upward velocity of 8 feet per second. ±ind its distance s = s ( t ) above the ground for t ≥ 1 (seconds) up to the time it hits the ground. † See the web site http://www.math.ucsd.edu/ ∼ ashenk/. 1...
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