COSC2325 Practice Exam 2

COSC2325 Practice Exam 2 - Example Test #2 problems COSC...

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Example Test #2 problems COSC 2325 Assume you are using a LINKED list implementation for a LIST of Inventory objects. You have an InventoryList class that is used to represent the list of inventory items sorted by Inventory, which has its own compareTo method implemented. public class InventoryList { private Node<Inventory> first; private int count; public InventoryList(); // creates an EMPTY list public boolean add(Object item); // adds an Inventory object public Object remove(Object item); // removes and returns item from list public String toString(); // creates a readable String of the list public boolean contains(Object item) ; // returns true if item is in list public boolean isEmpty() ; public searchByItemNumber(Inventory item) // searches for and prints item in list private Node<Inventory> findPrev(Object item); private void connect(Node<Inventory> prev, Node<Inventory>curr) ; // connects Node curr at prev private void disconnect(Node<Inventory>prev, Node<Inventory> curr); // disconnects Node curr at prev } Write the class data and methods for the Node class as done in lab. (a node of a linked list used in this code to store any Object type.)
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COSC2325 Practice Exam 2 - Example Test #2 problems COSC...

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