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COSC 4342 Exam #1 Study topics Turing machines - be able to identify parts of a turing machine, instructions, trace thru code, explain purpose Know Chomsky's hierarchy of language types Which machines are required to recognize which languages Major phases of compilation Tasks of a scanner Tasks of a parser Regular expressions English description to reg. expression Reg. expression to English description Reg. expression to NFA
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Unformatted text preview: • NFA to Reg. expression • NFA to DFA be able to convert using Thompson's construction • Minimal DFA be able to take a DFA convert to minimal DFA • Be able to code the algorithm for a Finite State Machine using a state transition diagram • Scanner Generators -- javacc know sections of a javacc input file be able to write a specification in javacc for a simple scanner including SKIP, TOKEN, and states...
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