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ACG 3482C Accounting Information and Business Processes II Spring 2009 Stephen K. Asare 319 Gerson Hall 352-273-0209 Class Hours 9:30- 11:30AM MWF Office Hours: 1:00-3:00PM T Credits: 4 Prerequisites : C grade or better in ACG 3481. Catalog Description: Second of a two-course sequence that examines the generation, dissemination, and utilization of accounting information in a business organization. The course is structured around the business processes of such organization. Coverage extends over topics in traditional areas of financial accounting, management accounting and systems. Objectives: To strengthen your understanding of how accounting systems generate, organize, and communicate the information needed for corporate stakeholders to manage core business processes. In particular, we shall emphasize the business processes relating to conversion, facilities/knowledge management, and financial management. The examination of each area includes consideration of objectives, strategies, risks and relevant internal controls. Student Learning Outcomes: Understand individual business disciplines and their relationship to the global business environment. Understand, create and analyze financial statements based upon generally accepted accounting principles. Understand the basic concepts of cost and managerial accounting and its role in business. Apply the conceptual framework, economic reasoning and generally accepted accounting principles to solving accounting problems. Analyze and interpret economic and financial events for internal decision-making purposes. Effectively produce, interpret and analyze written text, oral messages and multimedia presentations used in business. Textbooks: Intermediate Accounting, 5 th Edition) Spiceland, Sepe, Nelson and Tomassini (SSNT) Cost Accounting (13 th Edition), Horngren, Datar, Foster, Rajan and Ittner (HDF) Format: A 2-period lecture each Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and a 2-period laboratory session on Friday. ACG3482SYLLSP08 10/6/09
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Lecture Sessions: MWF Period 3-4; Gerson 126 Laboratory Sessions Kristin Falloretta Section 0333 0338 Instructor Kristin Falloretta Kristin Falloretta Period 5-6 7-8 Room Gerson 121 Matherly 0016 YOU MUST ATTEND THE SESSION FOR WHICH YOU ARE REGISTERED Assistance on logistical Matters For assistance on logistical matters (e.g., exam conflicts), you must contact Kristin Falloretta via email at Homework Policy: Homework assignments will not be collected and graded. Students are expected to read the assigned chapters before the related topics are discussed in class. Solutions for the three most recently covered chapters are available on the website. Experience indicates a significant correlation exists between the effort expended preparing for class and the
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syllabus - ACG 3482C Accounting Information and Business...

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