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Exam #3 Study Guide 1. Know basic methods for a Stack class - push, pop, peek, clear, isEmpty, size, and a default constructor 2. Know some simple swing components - such as a JButton, JLabel, JTextField, JFrame, basics of how to use, how they work. Know what a Thread is and what is required to create a new Thread. 3. Given a recursive function description, code it in Java. Draw a recursive descent tree from a call to a recursive method. Know basic idea of solving for 8 queens. Know cost of
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Unformatted text preview: recursive algorithms (big-O analysis) 4. Convert infix expressions into postfix format. For example: y = ( a * b ) + ( c / d) y = a + b * c - d / f + (f-g) 5. Compute or evaluate Postfix Expressions - for example: 3 6 2 - * value = 12 5 3 2 1 + * 4 - + value = 10 6. Review order of magnitude problems from previous exams....
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