Soc323 Final - -what is the number one reason that retired...

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Soc 323 Final -What do you know about voluntary childless couples - What do you know about parent education programs -What are some generally agreed upon goals of parenting -What does tab u la rasa refer to? -What is authoritarian parents? -What is authoritative parents? -What is democratic parent? -What is rejecting parents? -What happens to a couples sexual relationship after 1st child? -what is parental style?? -What is parental control? -what are some of the things freud said about parenting? -Know what corporal punishment is and what it involves. -Know about lesbian and gay parenting/ (aging chapter)ch.13 -Be able to define middle-age - what does the AARP say about divorce?
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Unformatted text preview: -what is the number one reason that retired women give for divorce?-KNow how many young adults live with parents between ages 18-34.-KNow about problems relating to the transition to retirement.-KNow that aging is biological, social it familiar.-know what avg. live expectancy is in US for ppl.-know what most common cause of depression is for older ppl.-what % of long marriages are described as very unhappy?- KNow how many wives can expect to become widowed.-know some myths about old age.-know what some stressors are in midlife-know term emtpy nest.-know term boomerang kids-know definnition of old age when divided into three categories...
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Soc323 Final - -what is the number one reason that retired...

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