Chapter 18 - 4 Shape of Energy Reaction Graph is different...

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Chapter 18-Chemical Equilibrium I. Characteristics of Equilibrium Systems A. The Change is Reversible B. The System is Closed C. The Equilibrium is Dynamic D. Equilibrium refers to the Rate of the opposing reactions. Forward and Reverse Rates are EQUAL Concentrations of substance are NOT equal II. Reaction Rates A. Collision Theory of Reactions 1. Particles must collide in order to react 2. Three kinds of collisions can occur a. Effective Collision b. Proper orientation, but insufficient energy c. Enough energy, but wrong orientation B. Energy Changes during Collisions 1. Energy Reaction Graph 2. Activated complex a. A high energy combine form of reactants b. It may or may not form product
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3. Activation Energy, E_a a. Energy needed to form activated complex. b. E_a is different for the forward and reverse reactions.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Shape of Energy Reaction Graph is different for: a. Exothermic Reactions b. Endothermic Reactions C. Conditions that Affect Reaction Rate 1. Temperature a. Higher Temperature means faster rate b. Reason: 2. Catalyst a. Def. Alters the reaction pathway( and lowers activation energy value) b. Reason: 3. Concentration a. Increasing concentration increases number of collisions b. Reason: Note: Only temperature and concentration affect the equilibrium. III. Developing an Equilibrium For the reaction: A_2 +B_2 <==> 2AB A. Initially the forward reaction occurs rapidly and the rate of the reverse reaction is zero. B. Rate of the forward reaction slows and reverse reaction increases. C. Rate of the forward and reverse reactions are the same at equilibrium....
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Chapter 18 - 4 Shape of Energy Reaction Graph is different...

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