Chem 231 ch.3 Alkanes&Cycloalkanes

Chem 231 ch.3 Alkanes&Cycloalkanes - Alkanes and...

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Alkanes and Cycloalkanes 3.1 Structure of Alkanes A. Definitions 1. Hydrocarbon-A compound that contains only and H and C atoms 2. Saturated Hydrocarbon- A hydrocarbon containing single bonds between C atoms (it is saturated with H atoms) 3. Alkane- A saturated hydrocarbon(can be composed of continuous linear chains or branched chains) 4. Aliphatic Hydrocarbon- A saturated hydrocarbon found in fats B. General Formula C_nH_2n+2 C. Table 3.1 pg 46. 3.2 Structural Isomers A. Compounds that have the same molecular formula, but different structural formulas. B. Examples 1. Butane and 2-methylpropane 2. Ethyl alcohol and dimethyl ether C. Different physical and chemical properties 2.3 Naming Alkanes A. IUPAC System 1. Steps 1-4 on (pgs 47-53) 2. Unbranched chains 3. Branches chains a. Parent chain b. Substituents c. Alkyl groups (R-)
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d. Alphabetizing B. Common Names 1. n- 2. iso- 3. neo- C. Classification of C and H Atoms 1. Primary: a C bonded to 1 other C atom 2. Secondary: a C bonded to 2 other C atoms
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Chem 231 ch.3 Alkanes&Cycloalkanes - Alkanes and...

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