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Analysis of proposed Hilton BWI, Baltimore, MD 1846048, 2005313 Introduction The proposed Hilton BWI is an upscale, 282-room, downtown business hotel with expansive function space and dining areas, along with modest retail and recreational facilities available. Located adjacent to the Baltimore/ Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport and within an eight minute drive to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, the property is positioned to successfully attract both business-oriented and leisure travelers. The hotel’s function space can be expected to increase the percentage of business guests and may prove to be a very profitable revenue generator. While the overall program is suitable for the proposed concept, the following sections will identify precise issues affecting the property’s development. To begin, a summary of the hotel’s program will be reviewed. Following this summary will be an extensive evaluation of the program as well as the building layout. Finally, a specific recommendation will be proposed to increase the property’s overall value and revenue generating capability. Given this recommendation, along with the resolution of the issues discussed, the Hilton BWI will prove to a profitable investment for Hospitality Synced Group. Summary of Program The proposed Hilton BWI contains 282 rooms, of which 5 are suites. It is also equipped with 4 meeting rooms, a board room and a main ballroom as function space for various uses. The program contains a large three meal restaurant with a bar, and a convenience/café space. Recreational facilities are minimal, as it only has a small pool area and a fitness center. Although some hotels have a lot of retail space, this particular program includes only a small gift shop. Please refer to Appendix I for further information on how the space is allocated, in addition to gross area calculations. Evaluation of the Program In order to determine the viability of the Hilton BWI hotel proposed, an extensive evaluation of the hotel’s program must be completed. While analyzing the program, only a few programmatic issues have been discovered, most pertaining to size of the facilities. In the following paragraphs, each of the revenue generating facilities will be discussed and compared to industry benchmarks. 1 | P a g e
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Hospitality Synced Group Guestrooms At approximately 253 NSF, a typical guestroom has a significantly smaller net guestroom area than the average size of 329 NSF (expected due to the size of the hotel). In addition to smaller guestrooms, the Baltimore BWI is also planning to include only five suites, two suites lower than the average benchmark of seven suites for a downtown business hotel. Both of these discrepancies may be due to a shorter length of stay expected of guests coupled with the actual amount of time spent within the guestrooms (business travelers tend to spend a majority of their stay in meeting). The hotel does have some flexibility to offer larger rooms with 27 connecting rooms present, but with these rooms making up only 9.6% of the total number of guestrooms, an
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hw 3 255 - Analysis of proposed Hilton BWI Baltimore MD...

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